Friday, 25 January 2019

The Step By Step Process of US Visa Application

Be it a b1 visa USA or a B2 visa, the application procedure for all non-immigrant visa is the same. The USA visa requirements state that specific steps should be filled, in order, to apply for a visa. To help first timers with the procedure, a detailed version of it is explained below.

  • Get a recent passport photograph clicked. Keep a digital copy (file type should be JPEG) of it with you and a  paper one.
  • Go on the US travel site and fill the application form called DS-160. You will need to create a login account for the same.
  • Complete the form, upload the photo and print the DS-160. It should have a confirmation page with a CEAC barcode on it.
  • The next step is to pay the visa fees. The fees will depend upon the category of visa and will be specified on the site. It can be paid online or through designated banks.
  • After you get a payment confirmation screen, you can schedule appointments. The payment receipt will be given within 3 hours to two business days. It varies on the mode of payment. Only make the meeting after the confirmation is received because they ask for bank reference number.
  • You will need two fix 2 appointments. The first is with the consulate or embassy where the interview is conducted. Th second is with the OFC for biometrics, i.e., photo and fingerprints. For some applicants, there may be a waiver on the interview. Please check if you are applicable for the same or not. For example, a child below the age of 7 doesn’t require an interview appointment.
  • The actual interviews take place in reverse order. First, you visit the OFC location for the collection of photograph and fingerprints. People who are just renewing the visa do not need to complete this step because their biometrics are already in the system.
  • Next report for the interview at the U.S. Embassy at least 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. There is no requirement for pre-submitting your supporting documents before the actual interview. But you will need to bring along your appointment letter, original bank fee receipt with barcode stickers and every original supporting paperwork as listed in the appropriate sections to the interview.
  • If the visa is granted to you, it will be stamped on the passport and returned to the passport collection location that was chosen by you before the interview. The passport is couriered and can be picked up by hand.

The status of a visa can be checked after the interview online. It will tell the exact phase of it. Also, if for medical reasons you are unable to make the interview appointment, it is highly recommended to reschedule it as soon as possible. There is no guarantee that a visa will be approved just because you followed the entire procedure. Approval is based on the consulate officer and the pre-set rules and regulation of US.